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Hi, I'm Adam.  

Based in South Florida, I manage a small mobile app development team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Together, we build apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, and some node.js as well.

We develop apps for clients big and small, and can also do some consulting for your Appcelerator Titanium projects.

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Polanco Media is a small development shop in South Florida. I stared out doing mobile development, and now do development as well as handle some project administration with our developers and designers.

We work a lot with Appcelerator Titanium for iOS and Android devleopment, and can also build native modules for Titanium like this and this. If you have a need for a native SDK to be using in your Titanium app, we can handle that.

I personally really love working with maps and OpenStreetMap data. If you need an offline or custom designed map for you Titanium app, I'm your man.

Client Comments

"Extremely thorough work done on a tight deadline. We got back everything we wanted and a whole lot more -- very superior customer service and highly professional."

-- David

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