Granting Access to Submit Your iOS App to the Apple App Store

Below are the instructions for what we need in order to build and submit your iOS app to the Apple App Store.

Account Types

There are two different things we need to access:

  1. Your Apple Developer Account — This is the site for managing signing certificates, provisioning profiles, etc.
  2. Your iTunes Connect Account — This is for submitting the app or app update to Apple for review

How you grant us access to these two accounts depends on what type of Apple Developer account you have:

  • Organization (Company) Account — When you created this account, you were required to provided information about your company, such as DUNS number, articles of incorporation, etc. Your apps in the app store are displayed with your company name.
  • Individual Account — When you enrolled in the Apple Developer program, if you only provided your name, and not any company info, then you have an Individual account.  If you have apps in the app store, your personal name is listed as the app developer.

See: Apple Developer Account Types


If You Have an Organization (Company) Account

Granting Apple Developer Account Access
  1. Visit and log in with your Apple Developer account.
  2. Select People
  3. Select Invite People
  4. Under Invite as Admins, add the email address we provided to you and click Invite
Next, you will need to grant access to iTunes Connect
  1. Visit and log in with your Apple Developer account.
  2. Select Users and Roles
  3. Select the Plus Icon (+)
  4. Under User Information, enter the name and email address we provided you (same as with the developer account) and click Next
  5. Under Role, select Admin and click Next
  6. Leave the notification settings as default, and click Save

When all steps are completed, notify us.

If You Have an Individual Account

Individual Apple Developer accounts do not have the People option for managing teams, therefore we will need to use your Apple username and password in order to log in.